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70esima Truffle Fair

Città di Moncalvo

Città di Moncalvo

Frequently Asked Questions

Not just about health and safety

How do you arrive at the Fair?
The Fair is held in the historic center of Moncalvo and entry is free.  There are several areas where you can park and a free shuttle bus service is available to take you to the Fair area.

Do I need to reserve in advance to attend the Fair?
Reservations are not required and entrance is free.
There are no limits on the number of visitors, however there are times during the day when it can be really busy, so keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Where can I park?
There is parking near the station (piazzale statione), at the Sette Colli Cantina Sociale (Strada Casale 7), di Corso XXV Aprile, and at the community pool Le Valletta (via Giovanni Gloria 3)
You can then use the free shuttles to go to the Fair area.

Do I need to reserve a space on the shuttle bus?
No reseveration is needed for the shuttle buses and they are in continuous operation.  They leave from the Piazzale Station, Campi Sportivi (via Giovanni Goria, 3), and the Sette Coline Cantina (strada Casale ) and arrive in Piazza Romita and in Via Vittorio Veneto.  The service will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Will there be items for sale?
Yes, there will be vendors selling many types of typical products.

What types of payment are accepted?
The Pro Loco stand accepts cash, credit card, and electronic payments.  The vendors may accept cash, card, or electronic payment depending on the vendor.  There are bancomat machines easily accessible to the Fair. 
As this is a festival of truffles, priority has been given to vendors selling truffles and mushrooms, however there will be no shortage of vendors selling other categories of merchandise.

Will there be a Proloco Stand?
Yes!  The Proloco stand will serve typical dishes both with and without truffles and no reseveration is required.
There will be tables and chairs available in the piazza.

What happens if there is bad weather?
The Fair will go on.  Rain and fog are common during the fall and create a characteristic atmosphere.
Dress appropriately, bring an umbrella, and be prepared to immerse yourself into the autumn atmosphere of Monferrino.

How can you have lunch at the Pro Loco?
The Pro Loco lunch is by reservation only and the number of spaces is limited.  You cannot reserve via Facebook/Instagram.  You must reserve via the Pro Loco directly.
The Pro Loco stand in the Piazza also will be serving food and no reservation is needed.  There will be tables and chairs available.

How can you exhibit or participate in the Fair?
Registration for exhibitors and artists opens at the beginning of the year and is publicized via social media.  Entry forms are posted on this site (Follow us to be able to participate next year).   
It is not possible to add exhibitors at the last minute.

What will the truffles cost?
The quote for 2023 can be found on Tuber.it